Thursday, November 13, 2008

Luke-n-Bmt - Progress After Hurricane Ike

We are doing fine, just trying to get as much in order as we can. We moved into a new house, and are wrapping up the sale of our first home. Getting the mortgage monkey off our back (the new house is from a family deal). As I watch the daily destruction of the world economic system, i find that the closing date can’t come quick enough. I want to be done with the BS that's been stuffed down our throat about this consumer/debt charade. No mortgage= pay down credit cards= making more progress on preps= getting truly independent. It will be a long road, but my wife and I are excited.

I have also been reading the blogs less. It seems nearly everyone has retreated into this angst and fear mode. Not as much productive/useful writing going on. They are either spinning their wheels about Obama taking our guns away, or have hit the wall in respect to the financial crisis(which I find to be far more pressing and depressing). I just find it hard to believe that gun control is seen as a vital issue right now. The new President will be swamped just trying to stop the bleeding (raiding of the treasury) and get people back to work. It may be on their back burner, but no gun bill is going to be the first order of business for this administration. With that said, I was amazed at how the stock of ARs and M4 clones has dwindled at my local gander mountain.

The general public shares the same fears, both of the financial collapse and of a gun grab. This hopefully also means that more people are prepping in other areas, too. Even with these insanely low gas prices, I do not trust the oil supply, as all signs are still pointing to significant production decreases. I find it hard to believe that oil companies are shelving new exploration projects just because oil is lower than 70 a barrel. It all stinks to high heaven. I hope all is well with you.

Luke N Bmt


d.a. said...

Thank you for addressing the gun hysteria. I agree; Obama has his hands full with much more pressing matters. I think the whole gun thing is a pundit-induced scare tactic.

That said, I'm still gonna get a hunting rifle and stock up on shells for both the rifle and our shotgun :-).

Luke N. Bmt said...

Maybe I'm less worried about the gun situation since I am pretty well squared away. Another benefit to prepping.

Mayberry said...

Glad things are coming together for you.