Friday, February 20, 2009

The true plan to fix the economy?

Brown calls on world to strike 'grand bargain' to solve economic crisis!

“From the discussions I have had and am about to have... I think we are fashioning for the future a global deal, a grand bargain, where each continent accepts its responsibilities and its obligations to act to deal with what is a global problem that can only be solved with a global solution,” he told reporters. "

I think the G20 meets on 4/2/09. When it is finished, I suspect we will be hearing information that many American's will fear. Maybe a world banking system and much worse.

Hope I am wrong but time to prep like hell. Cause just maybe hell is headed our way.

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Thomas Miller said...

Bank of America closed this week at $4.16 and Citi closed at $1.95 on "fears that nationalization would wipe out the shareholders". Give me a break! BAC was at $60 barely over a year ago. Wiped out?

Picdog, I agree, they're basically going to have to nationalize, and that, my friend, may be the tipping point.