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New World Order Trying to Kill America’s Gun Culture

New World Order Trying to Kill America’s Gun Culture: EPA Shutting Down Gun Range in Large Midwestern Town

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Jeffrey Grupp
May 21, 2009
I live in a Midwestern state. Near me is a huge shooting range, which is going to be put out of business by the EPA. Just before the completion of this article, the owner, call him W, of this particular range has unfortunately demanded that I not use his name or specify which range I am discussing in this article. I think this is a mistake on his part, but I have to honor it. This issue of shutting down this range is so large, so interconnected to all the issues that the audience is concerned with, that I will go at length into all the issues in detail in this article. At first, you might think, “ah, shutting down this range is just more of the same tricks by the New World Order.” And that’s true, of course. But there is something much bigger, deeper to this that I think most people are missing: the New World Order is trying to kill gun culture, and this is more important than their trying to destroy the Second Amendment. So, before we get into this story of this particular gun range, let’s first discuss why this story is so important: indeed, a core issue.

Amid all our discussion in the Patriot alternative media about the New World Order’s covert plans to remove the Second Amendment in America, we are perhaps not putting enough energy into what is conceivably an even deeper issue: the New World Order wants to destroy the ultra-powerful spirit of the American gun culture. Destroying the Second Amendment is actually not the most important issue in the New World Order attack against our inalienable right to self-protection. It is the second most important. Here’s why…

Creating so-called “laws” (i.e., supposed “divine right” orders) to ban guns in America will not remove our guns or self-protection abilities. Too many of us are stocked up, loaded up, and know how to make crossbows or 12 gauge shotguns from raw parts. So, if King Obama and the moneybags behind him attempt to ban our guns, it will essentially do nothing but make us more determined to protect ourselves, since we will have the means. So, we can expect that the New World Order knows this, of course, and they are thus going deeper into the issue, to more of the heart of the matter, to really, successfully disarm us. How do you do that? You don’t just destroy the Second Amendment, you destroy the popularity of the Second Amendment, you destroy the spirit of the Second Amendment. If Grandpa is not thinking about the Second Amendment in his sleep, so to speak (that’s “the spirit” I just referred to), then he will not be preoccupied with it, and if he’s not, he won’t teach his grandson how to, for example, make a shotgun from plywood and pile. That removes our self-protection faster than removing the laws will. That removes our means for self-protection. This is where the New World Order is really focusing their attack in their attack against our inalienable right to self-protection. But, unfortunately, most patriots in America think the fight is in Congress, with HR 1022, for example, and not in the deep psychological warfare going on against gun culture. This psych warfare is mostly invisible: we are not looking for it, we don’t expect it, and thus we don’t see it, even though “it’s written on the wall.”

The spirit of gun culture will live on even if King Obama tries to obliterate the Second Amendment, as stated. So, what is really needed, from the New World Order’s perspective, is the destruction of gun culture. You know, this is so critical, it almost makes me think that all these redundant bills on Congress are just a distraction for the gun culture, getting us all riles up over them, while they are not even the issue (since they won’t destroy gun culture, as stated). It’s almost as if all these bills in Congress are meant to grab our attention, while the real war— the multi-fronted war on gun culture — goes on right under our noses, but where we are too distracted to see it! If we are so riled up about HR 1022, then who is paying attention to the EPA’s attack on shooting ranges? Answer: nobody! And HR 1022 sits there not fully implemented, while the EPA goes around utterly destroying shooting ranges (and the heart of American gun culture). Again, victory for the New World Order, simply because we are not using our huge brains we have been given!

So, let’s talk about why American gun culture is so, so important. Already there is an overwhelmingly unanimous agreement by the denizens of gun culture that Obama is attempting to take-over and destroy Constitutionalism. Literally, every single time I am in any gun shop or range, even if it’s just a tiny tackle shop that only sells a few wimpy .22 Marlin rifles, I instantly find myself in a discussion with the owner of the shop, or, for example, with the guy sitting there having a cigarette talking to the owner and obviously a regular customer, and it’s like magic, we get into this same intellectual discussion about the current takeover of America. And wherever I go in gun culture, the people I meet are somewhat informed, too. I mean, if I go to church or the university, and start talking about Obama, I have to search far and wide for just one single person who even have just one tiny teeny complaint against the system or against King Obama, or who will have even just one small morsel of information, a single, real factual datum, about what is going on politically in the world (they are too busy debating global warming, gay marriage, sports, their self-help groups, or who knows what). But in gun culture, everyone is informed, at least, let’s say, 20 percent, so to speak (and that’s light years ahead of the aforementioned church and university people!). I think we can see why the EPA is not attacking churches and universities. This issue, I think, could not be clearer folks!

Even little informed members of gun culture, who, for example, vaccinate their children and still think 9/11 was done by “cave people,” will readily agree about, and know several key scary details about, the current financial takeover of We the People. This is the number one subject at shooting ranges and gun shops nationwide these days, from what I can tell; and it’s a very energetic, often cerebral discussion. Discussing AR-15s, the Constitution, ammo shortages, movies, Thomas Jefferson, and AK-47s seems to take a backseat to this topic day-in, day-out at all the ranges and shops I have been to in several states. Again, even those at the shooting ranges and gun shops who are relatively uninformed, and, for example, who voted for John McCain, believing that was different than voting for King Obama, enthusiastically take part in this unanimous agreement and worry that there is something really amiss like never before, that there is a banking takeover and a Sovietization of America being attempted by Obama and Big Money right now.

So, gun culture is, I think, some sort of a revolutionary movement in the making, even if all its members don’t really know it or see it that way yet. There is, quite simply, no more intellectual, passionate, activist group in the United States (excluding much much smaller groups, like We Are Change). (Yes intellectual! I am a former college teacher for the past decade, and the level of intellectual discussion in the shooting ranges and gun shops dwarfs that of the academic institutions, since discussion in academic institutions usually just is over some “specialized” topic over-and-over [such as experiments on the last GMO soy bean], if even that “brainy”, but usually academic just take part in more of the same talk as the rest of culture does: about TV, fake churches, environmentalism, consumerism, the weather, worshiping Obama, etc.)

So, think about all this: If you were the New World Order, would you just go after our guns, or would you also go after this ultra-powerful gun culture? Of course you’d go after both. But also ask yourself this: Which would you go after more fervently? The answer quickly pops in your head again: of course you’d go after the culture itself more-so than the guns. And this is precisely what is going on, and I fear that in all our discussion of King Obama’s decrees to remove our self-protection, we are missing perhaps a bigger issue: gun culture itself is under all-out attack! Now, let’s consider a crystal clear example: the range near my house which is being shut down right now by the EPA.

Every Tuesday through Sunday, for a decade, people have congregated to a large gun range near my house. Again, when writing this article, the owner of this range prohibited me from disclosing which range this is, over his fear of the $1000 per day fines that the EPA is looming over their heads. (I would just like to say, for the record, that I think the owner is making a mistake in doing this.) This particular large range is a family business, run by an old patriot, call him W, and his son, call him P. The mom is typically there too; she’s a dispatcher for the Police Department. Oh, and their dog is also often there, too. This is the heart of the gun culture. But let’s discuss why these details are important (hint: real community is the enemy of the New World Order).

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The range has a nice lobby in it where members and non-members alike talk and have a good time daily, in-between shooting sessions. Almost always, conversation at the range is vivid and lively, for hours on end, with many people involved, discussing the Constitution, the Bible, the Founders, socialism versus capitalism, the Federalist Papers, Obama’s banking takeover, talk radio, and, when I am there, But the discussion is, perhaps surprisingly, almost always intellectual discussion—surprisingly because this sort of intellection is vanishingly rare anywhere in America. As stated above, even in my ten years as a college philosophy teacher I did not encounter the other professors involved in such frequent high-level intellectualism—not even close! One is immediately struck when they enter this range how different this atmosphere is from really anywhere else in the United States (the same is true throughout gun culture from coast to coast, and amid Canada’s small gun culture). If you try to start up this sort of intellectual conversation with almost anyone, in any other part of culture outside of gun culture (such as at the average job, or in the churches or universities), it not only almost never reaches the level of intellection that the gun culture conversations do, but furthermore, it is usually a complete joke, quickly gravitating to merely repeating (parroting) what Larry King has recently said on TV, or whatever the Big Government propaganda was that Shawn Hannity happened to belch out on Faux News the night before.

Unless you are entrenched in gun culture, you have no idea that this is what it is like, and you probably think it’s just a bunch of toothless grunting in-breeders, because you saw something like that in the movie Deliverance or some other Hollywood propaganda production. But for true gun culture, it’s really an intellectual community more than anything else, in many ways. This is the case everywhere in gun culture! And this is why it’s dangerous to the New World Order.

Go to a gun shop, and everybody instantly has this invisible bond: we are all bound by the same values: Constitution, guns, pride, family (and very often, but not quite always, religion, too). And these invisible strings we have with one another are powerful; we can all feel them between each other. It’s like we all instantly know what the other is thinking about, we are all long lost friends, and we all want to talk about it. If you are not in gun culture, you don’t know what I am talking about. If you are, you do.

Where else in America is there continually such a congregation of concerned, Constitutionalist Americans who are passionate, involved, intellectual, and, frankly, not zombified and prozaced-out in front of their televisions? I simply cannot think of any other place; nothing is even close. In fact, almost every other place, or any other group, in the United States, is, without exaggeration, zombified in the aforementioned way, and thus, gun culture really sticks out as being a pocket of patriotism and intellectualism.

This type of unification, pride, and bonding among people is the ultimate enemy of the New World Order. It is exactly what can bring them down. And, in fact, if the members of gun culture (which is tens of millions, and which most may not even know they form such a big nationwide group) were just a little more informed on a few things about the New World Order, they would bring down the New World Order with ease by morning, restoring 1776. This is why it’s an “info war.” And if this economic downturn and Sovietization keeps up at its current pace, many in the massive gun culture will perhaps start seeing just a little more clearly than they do now, and they will wake up a little bit more, just enough, and they will know just that little bit more they need to know to awaken them properly to what is at stake and to the danger they are in. We are close to that point now; perhaps halfway there, so to speak.

So, let’s get to the heart of the issues by getting back to the aforementioned range that is being shut down near me here in the Midwest… Following what we have written above, this sort of place is the enemy of the Orwellian world government that is now forming, as stated. And, as we discussed, this New World Order, we can expect, will attack it with all its fury. And guess what? That’s precisely what’s happening to this range. This particular shooting range is going to be shut down by the EPA. Under what reason, you ask? Environmental code violations. The more technical name for this is communitarianism — a word all of you better get acclimated to real fast! (Hint, look up Niki Rapaana on the internet, and that will give you a good start.)

In a nutshell, communitarianism is a philosophy that, unbeknownst to basically all of us (no kidding!), is being written into our city codes and laws. It is all about “what is good for the group”, and it is all about castigating the individual. This is why if you want to build an underground house or cabin in the woods so that you don’t have to pay for heat and air-conditioning, and because you want to have a hideaway or cabin that is inexpensive, hidden, and, well, quite quiet and cozy, you can’t do it, because you have to get permission from the city government and their “certified experts” to do this (it’s city government, but the whole operation comes from the New World Order, of course). And they will say, “oh, no, for your safety, you can’t do that, thanks.” Also, communitarian philosophy is why you have to pay for construction inspections, or even have them in the first place if you are building a house or building. As if we need that, and as if building were just falling down routinely before these city communists took over to “help” us learn how to build properly. Communitarianism is why your school is now all tied to environmentalism and why your children have to learn about gay marriage before they learn about Thomas Jefferson — because communitarianism is all about what is good for community, and oh, of course, the things that are good for community are not guns, religion, empirical science books, and smashing our televisions. No no! We are quietly told, in so many different ways, that what is good for the community is, for example, environmental protection, neighborhood watch, meth watch, spying on your neighbors to make sure they are not growing pot in their backyard garden, and so on. That’s why we have these neighborhood community meetings; not to discuss the Constitution (a person bringing that up at one of those meetings would sure get some head-turns), but to discuss the community (communitarian) priorities (i.e., New World Order philosophies). We go to these meetings just passively allowing the debate to be set before we get involved, rather than beforehand controlling what will be debated in the first place. I don’t have time to discuss it here, but this communitarian agenda has been in the planning since before many of you reading this were born. It’s all secret, and it’s all, um, “for your safety,” of course. Sadly, it’s all too distant from what most Americans can accept about reality, and so they will just not believe something like this is real; they have been conditioned to think at an ESPN-level of reality, unfortunately.

So, back to the gun range… Communitarianism is also, ultimately, why the range is going to be put out of business. In a New World Order community (i.e., a local communitarian setup), we have to watch out for what is good for the disarmed, uneducated, TV-watching herd—Constitutionalists don’t fit into the New World Order’s communitarian city-planning. They are not for that type of a community. So, what is good for this zombic herd, according to the gods of communitarianism? Well, what is good for the herd is a safe clean world (how many times have you heard something like that on TV?), and the shooting range near me of course must conform to this, so the story goes.

So, what the EPA has done is told the range that they have to go out of business all summer (a prime business time), for at least five months, in order to put in a brand new, ultra-expensive ceiling ventilation system in (the range, of course, has taken out a massive loan for this, which they were approved for by less than a hair — actually, it’s still up in the air, no pun intended).

But here’s the issue: How can a shooting range,

• which is already paying mind-boggling taxes monthly

• which is already struggling already just to stay open due to all the government fees

• which is already struggling because fewer people are shooting because everyone is hoarding their ammo, and

• which is already struggling due to a huge loss of business due to the impending economic depression

and so forth—how are they to stay open and survive in such a scenario? Answer: of course they cannot! They know that, we (who are connected to the range) know that, but the EPA, well, they just seem not to know that, somehow; but they don’t really get into that issue too much.

So, long story short: The EPA just found a clever way to put this range out of business. This accomplishes many New World Order goals, perhaps the highest goals the New World Order has: to destroy the gun culture, for reasons discussed above. Where else, now, will the gun owners congregate? Answer: nowhere.

The EPA won’t attack the factories here in town that are dumping toxic waste into the river that flows through town. No way! They are too busy attack the range (and gun culture), which, if it really were a polluter, affects only a fraction of people compared to the river-polluting factory. The EPA won’t attack the ocean boats and submarines worldwide that use sonar, and which is responsible for killing whales by the beach-full. Nope. Have to focus on those scary guys at the shooting range. The EPA won’t attack the Chinese for all their mind-boggling pollution the produce as they make all the slave-produced goods for Wal Mart. The government won’t create forces to monitor the US-Mexico border. No way! Instead they create forces (environmental harassment forces) to monitor the gun owners (i.e., the Constitutionalists). It does not get any clearer than this folks. The government is huge, out of control, focused on one thing: coming after you, both non-communitarians and those who go along with communitarianism alike!

The average TV-watching, hot-dog-eating American probably could never see that this is what is going on—that the EPA is a secret force being used for many freedom-taking operations, such as destroying gun culture. It’s too complex for them to piece together when they have to think about an episode of American Idol coming on soon. They will just believe that, “oh, shutting down the Range is for the earth,” because they have been conditioned to have that sort of a mantra repeating through their head all day every day due to how many times they’ve heard it on television. They probably also wouldn’t notice, if they could glance away from their telescreens long enough, that the EPA in my town is starkly ignoring all the atrocious (and I mean really atrocious!) factories in town that are polluting the rivers and air: they have HUGE smoke stacks all over town that everyone has to breath all day and night (and one of them is the company that makes Aspartame! Yeah, what’s coming out of that smoke stack is really healthy, I am sure). I am not kidding! Go to the university here on the edge of town, across the river, and all the way over there, on many days, you will smell the exhaust from the factories constantly while you walk through the beautiful campus. Ask any student; they will know what you are talking about. So, is this safe? “Oh, of course,” the EPA will tell us (by fiat), just like Aspartame is so safe and wonderful. It’s sort of funny, one of these massive polluting factories is literally right across the street from the range! Everyone complains about these factories all the time, a very visible issue. But is the EPA addressing this complaint of the people? Come on, what kind of a question is that?

If the exhaust is so bad for us to breathe in the shooting range that is under attack, then why hasn’t it affected W and P (the owner and his son), who have literally been there at the range 50 hours per week breathing in all the air for a decade? Answer: because it’s not harmful! But hey, who is really asking that sort of a technical question, anyway, at the EPA. It’s funny: I don’t remember voting for the members of the EPA, or for what their agendas were to be, or for them to even come into existence in the first place. You know, how much of this big government do we vote in anyway. The answer to that is an easy one.


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They keep pushing and pushing us eventually people won't take any more of it.

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Sheesh! What a long article! But damned disturbing.... A fine example of "creeping incrementalism"...... The water is gettin' pretty damn hot, but the frog still sits there.....

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This is the type of attack that the government is so good at.

Always has been, always will be!