Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Early Plan for Open Source Peaceful Evolution

When does the banditry of government end? How do we get our lives back? In traditional voluntaryist fashion, I’m convinced we need to liberate 6 billion minds worldwide simultaneously. But pure educational efforts are not enough. We have to live our principles, as exemplified in agorism. We need an organizational model that is resilient, efficient and easy to plug in to, as we see in open source efforts such as Linux and Wikipedia. Innovative developments in warfare, such as seen in the Iraqi insurgency (4th & 5th generation warfare), can inform our plans as well. If you’re ready to get the government monkey off your back join me in building a libertarian insurgency with the following principles.

I like this idea.


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George Donnelly said...

Glad to hear that. Let's keep in touch. :)