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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

I am sick and tired of what I see around me, like most Americans. Trillions of dollars and thousands of lives and we have more enemies, with better weapons every day. Every time I listen to the news or pick up a paper, what I am told is either less than half truth or entirely a lie. Every time I open an email or hear from an American swearing an oath to stop seeing our country stolen from us, I find they are getting paid off by the same people who pay off the reporters, the politicians and, I am beginning to suspect, pay the people who dress up and play “terrorist” to keep the whole lie going.

It’s all a lie, all of it. Everything that is on TV, everything said by a “group” with fancy email and lots of expensive, well paid “fatass” writers, everything we hear from a “pundit” or TV talking fool is all paid for. We aren’t paid. If we still have food, money for a dentist or to keep tires on a car, we are doing better than average. Why then are millionaires telling us how bad things are? It’s simple. Lying to Americans is a growth industry. Paying the liars is a group that would see this country burned to the ground if the money was good enough. Who are we talking about? We are talking the bankers, the Wall Street scammers, AIPAC, the “televangelists,” our defense industry, every lobbyist in Washington and the two crooked political parties that have turned Washington DC into a “disneyland” for thieves.


All of these clowns have one purpose in life. They steal enough money to buy a huge house, join a fancy country club, fly around on private jets, send their kids to fancy private schools and hide enough money to make sure their families never have to do any real work for generations. When that is done, then, and only then, will they work to do something for America. Funny thing, that “time to do something for America” never comes, never has, never will.

These are our generals, our Senators, our “regulators,” those meant to protect and manage, and paid, very well paid to do it. They don’t work for America. They work for “their” peers, the people who take our tax money and pay themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses, rewards for losing money, rewards for stealing and getting away with it, rewards for using the press, the political parties, and the phony “activists” led by well paid thieves that get Americans blaming each other instead of going after those responsible.

Study the “revolving door” in and out of government. Today you work inside government helping the rich steal from the poor. Tomorrow you are the rich. Where does the money come from? Guess.


Who leases buses and sends “tax protesters” around the country? Big bankers pay the bills, them and insurance companies, crooked banks and defense contractors, paid through their lawyers who pay lobbyists who put up websites with “proxy servers” so “patriots” don’t know they are dupes. Who complains about the suffering of the poor? Is it cigar chomping millionaires with private planes, overseas bank accounts and tearful pleas for America’s unemployed? Who owns their TV networks? Have you ever checked?

Look behind the ownership of your newspapers and networks. You will find Israel primarily followed by a collection of defense contractors, and ‘financial institutions.” What do they have to gain by blocking real news or lying? I don’t know, does a decade of war have something to do with it? How does “Mr. Monk” figure out who commits a crime? He goes after the person who has the most to gain.


Israel gains when we fight wars for them? They pay a few million in Washington, actually money we give them, and they “rent” the biggest army in the world for free. We even give them more money to boot. Not only that, they make billions selling weapons. Who makes the MRAPs (mine resistance ambush protected vehicles) for the Marine Corps? Israel does. Can Americans make their own, better and cheaper? Of course they can. When India bought new AWACs make with American technology, technology to be used against Pakistan, our primary military ally in Asia, who made the money? Israel! When Iran gets the important weapons upgrades they need, who sell them? You will love this. Israel, but they do it thru “cut outs” so nobody will know they are supplying their own enemy. Remember “Iran/Contra” when all those weapons were traded to Iran and America only got cocaine in return? Israel cut the deal and armed the “Islamic Revolutionary Guard” they now want us to attack for them. What a great world we live in.

Have you read any of this in the papers? Have you seen it on Fox News? Do you know who owns Fox News and pays Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh? Check on it, you won’t believe it. You also won’t be reading that in the papers either. In fact, the only thing you can be sure of when you turn on the TV is that you are either being told a lie or something important is being kept from you. Otherwise, why would they report it at all. There is no money in telling the truth. You don’t get rich unless someone is being cheated, having their kids killed in a war or their pensions stolen by crooks. That “someone” usually a normal, everyday American citizen.


Let’s lay out some common sense rules for ourselves:

1.If you read it in the papers or see it on TV, know something is being left out and somewhere, someone is making money lying to you.
2.If someone is telling you that “socialists” or “liberals” are your enemy, its usually being paid for by a bank somewhere and you are being laughed at.
3.If someone is telling you that your guns are going to be taken away, find who is really sending the message. When the time comes to fight for freedom, they are the ones you will want to go after first.
4.When you start feeling afraid of terrorists, remember this: There are more murderers on the streets of Detroit than in all of Afghanistan. How about your town? Why do you think you own guns and have locks on your doors?
5.If you want to find those responsible for the next big terrorist attack, don’t look in a cave somewhere. They will be sitting in a leather chair, probably speaking English and have golf clubs in the trunk of their car.
6.If someone tells you to arm yourself against America’s enemies, they are either an FBI informant or waiting for a cash offer from Fox News or a book deal from the Heritage Foundation. Expect to eventually see them on Dancing with the Stars.
7.If someone is telling you “don’t vote for any incumbent” it’s usually because they were thrown out of office themselves.
8.If someone tells you “that’s just a conspiracy theory” it means it isn’t.
9.If someone has been photographed standing next to troops, carrying a bible and saluting a flag, they probably belong in prison.
10.If someone is telling you who has made things “bad” for you, it was probably them.

Lets lay our some common sense ideas for ourselves:

1.Smedley Butler said that if war didn’t make money for the people that control our government, all wars would end. Read Smedley Butler like his words were a Bible, Koran or Torah. You can’t be a real American without knowing Smedley Butler. It simply isn’t possible. If you love heroes, this is your man!
2.When you pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV news, say over and over to yourself: “This is a bunch of crap.” Laugh as loud as you can. This may keep you alive.
3.If you are in your church, mosque or synagogue and a “holy joe” starts talking politics, head for the door. Don’t look back and never return. G-d doesn’t tell people how to vote, nor do his prophets. Preachers, priests, mullahs or rabbis should stick to that “divine plan” themselves.
4.Don’t listen to what a politician says, see what they do. Check with the Federal Elections Commission to see who pays them. Then go to Project Vote Smart and see who they are really working for. For instance, if you are a veteran and your representative is supported by the American Legion but not the Disabled Veterans of America, they are a “flag waving phony.” If they take money from and are supported by the US Chamber of Commerce or National Association of Manufacturers, “run like hell.”
5.Stop worrying about poor Israel. We pay them billions and they have more money than we do. They whine about being defenseless and are the 4th most powerful country on earth. They have nuclear missiles that could destroy the United States, much less deal with Iran, a country they do hundreds of millions in weapons business with. Stop being suckered.
6.If you want to start looking for political crooks, start close to home. Check who “appoints” your local judges and see if they work for banks who are foreclosing homes, businesses that aren’t paying their taxes or people poisoning your water, food or cheating you with shoddy goods and services. Look at your school board, county commissioners or mayor. Big thieves all started small. Sometimes “nipping a problem in the bud” is best.
7.Next time someone starts talking about “niggers, Jews, Arabs, socialists or liberals” understand this right away. You are standing next to a Nazi. Half a million American heroes died to save us from people like that. Letting them run their mouths without a “smack-down” is the definition of being unpatriotic.
8.You can still be an American and want to keep jobs home and foreigners out. If you want to know why your job is in China and you have a hard time using English in your own town, look at the folks who made money bringing this about and blame them. Our borders were opened and our jobs were shipped overseas by the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Republican Party, the people who made money from cheap labor and the people who don’t pay taxes for providing services to illegal aliens. Rich stopped paying taxes in the United States when “little” Bush took over. Any idiot knows this. You can be an idiot too, just start paying attention more.
9.Our political parties and everything that goes on in Washington is a racket. If a real leader stood up and tried to change things, he would die in a mysterious plane crash pretty quick or be shot by a “lone gunman.” Read your history. Also remember that most “3rd parties” are simply a scam started to rig elections. You can’t play in a sewer and come out without stink. The entire system has to go, anything less is a joke.
10.Law has to be restored, not just for poor people but for our politicians and their bosses. Every government contractor, every appointed official, every US Attorney, every lobbyist, every banker, all of them for the past 10 years need to be put in front of a jury of “their peers.” In some ways this is impossible. We don’t have that many rats. Let a jury decide. We know the money is gone, the kids are dead and it was all a setup. Let real law and order take charge in America.

With decades of being duped, you would think we would be getting tired of it. The 9/11 Commission claims they were “duped” by the Bush administration but nobody wants to ask any of the hard questions. Now, after years, we seem to be talking to the Taliban. Why couldn’t we do that 9 years ago? When America woke up “flat broke and busted” in 2008, why did a country that spends billions on “intelligence” not know that it was a “basket case” itself? The Pentagon claims the Bush administration “misplaced” $295 billion during the Iraq War, mostly on payments made for things we never got. Are we too shy to ask for our money back?

If we can’t believe our government, and nobody does, who can we believe? When those close to us send us emails filled with hate and lies what do we lose? Maybe we can start by defining truth. Truth is something that isn’t a lie, no matter how many people choose to believe it because it makes them feel better, safer or lets them blame others.

Anyone who lies is an enemy of truth, whether its a newspaper, a politician, a judge or your pastor. Lies always seem to have one message behind them. Don’t look for thieves, blame each other, don’t ask too many hard questions and trust the rich and powerful, G-d chose them to take care of us and make all our decisions. There is one real truth:



Anonymous said...

That was one of the most mixed-up, tautological and nonsensical rants I've ever read. Basically, "distrust everything, don't believe anything, everything you've ever been told about anything at all at any time is BS; I'm about to tell you what you should believe (but won't actually get around to anything coherent)". Who is this crackpot (other than Smedley's cheerleader)? A long article with nothing constructive to take away from it.

Pickdog said...

Not sure I agree. Sounds to me you have perfectly described our society.

Made me think of 1984.


Shy Wolf said...

"..if someone is telling you that socialists or liberals are your enemy..." it sure as hell isn't the banks: it's the Constitution.
Of course if someone is telling me they want my guns, they're one of the first I'm going after- and probably a socialist or a lib.
There may be a lot of murderers on the streets of Detroit or L.A. or Chicago- but they're just murderers, not terrorists- yet. But they are going to be part of the problem caused by socialists and libs.
When I look for terrorists, I don't have to look any farther than the lib dotgov.
The ones telling me to arm myself are God, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Hancock...
Voting for an incumbant is a matter of 'who's the best for the job?'- but too many don't go past the first line.
I've been photographed standing next to troops and am proud they were there to cover my back. I carry a Bible and stand on it as the only true explanation of what is happening today. Forty-five years after being discharged, I STILL salute every flag I notice.
If a "holy Joe" starts talking politics, I'll listen to see how his words line up with God's and make judgment from there. And I don't have to hyphenate God's Name because I know He is the Only One Who is Right.
If you want to denigrate Israel, you'd better remember that they are the Chosen People and God watches them diligently. They are the most powerful nation on earth, not fourth, and they are also the most wise with money because they have the smartest banker around: God. When I stand next to someone who denigrates Israel, I know I am standing next to a Nazi.
So, when it comes to who I am listening to, I understand very well what my God and His Son Jesus have told me, what They are saying and what They mean when They tell me They will be judging each of us according to our works.
And I understand very well when They tell me I am to defend my home with all the abilities and tools I have.
And America is my home, I will defend it against ALL invaders- foreign, domestic, and spiritual.

jerry said...

WOW! Great information!

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Shiloh?? Are you from Texas or are you a transplant?

Ronald Boggs said...

Sounds to me like ya'll need to find a cave, with a big rock you can roll in front of the opening, and hold up in there until the BIG ONE is over. No matter what the BIG ONE is. You better get involved or you can kiss it goodbye.