Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update on property

A couple of pictures for update. The Conex is a fairly cheap way to create storage space. You can move it if you need to but is tough also. The other picture is of the solar well set-up. I have to admit there have been issues with it. The float valve switch has been replaced once as it was defective and the controller has been messing with me and may need to be replaced.


Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed.

Windmills run for free too (once installed) but they are noisy and can be heard for long distances, especially if left ungreased. Too, their shape is unmistakable (Look here - WATER!) and will draw lots of people who are in need of it.

The conex is a great way to supply cover to your camp as well. A pair of them will allow steel pipe to be stretched across both, creating a covered work space / dog trot. You might consider getting the floors off grade, to help prevent premature rust from invading the floor.

Again - nice job!

john beard said...

What are your plans for the connex? Are you going to bury it? I have thought about that or maybe enclose it in a shed.

shiloh1862 said...

Thanks anon! The actual floor is about 5-6 inches above ground and the water runs away from this spot but I did consider a stone pad.

I understand burying them is more difficult than just digging a hole. One needs to fortify the sides as they are not designed for all the weight. I am considering building a roof over it for shade and water collection.


Riverwalker said...

To: pickdog

This just reminds me that I have to build a new storage shed out at my place in the country.

Great looking setup!


BTW, are you any good with a hammer? LOL