Sunday, May 23, 2010

Practicing "The Plan"

While I was in the U.S. military, I'm a peace-time soldier; we would practice "The Plan." Depending on where I was stationed, would depend on the specific plan.

Some plans involved fighting the soviets, other plans involved fighting Filipino insurgents, and other plans included putting down civil unrest and restoring order.

Now, depending on the plan, we might fly into a host country, secure a foothold, then kill people and break stuff, if appropriate. I was amazed one time that one of our plans included protecting international fisheries and capturing animal rights terrorists. Strange, to say the least.

During oversea deployments, we never practiced the complete plan because of other countries' spies. We would break the plan into separate parts, so the spies (nosey neighbors) won't be able to learn of our preparations. Plus, this allowed us to practice complex plans and evaluate these smaller, simpler parts of the plan in easy to look at chunks.

As a survivalist/prepper, you can do the same thing. Let's look at a bug-out to your "Plan B" location. (This also might work if your family isn't into prepping)

Let's use Riverwalker over at "Stealth Survival" as a possible example. He and his family are headed out on a vacation to a mountain cabin. This could be your Plan B. Mine is going to family/friends out-of-state.

To practice your plan, have the kids plan a primary and alternate driving route. Have your husband find inexpensive airline flights with a cost comparison to traveling by train with a car rental. Four different routes and a great cover story.

BAM! As, Emeril would say.

Next, have the kids pack their own bags with supervision.


Next, pack a car bag or carry-on with some food (fresh fruit and other healthy stuff), quiet games, and other stuff to distract you and the kids then ask the kids how/where y'all can get water because security concerns prohibit bring water bottles through airport security.


Lastly, have a great time on your vacation as you look at possible opportunities in the local area and talk to your family about how to improve your next vacation travel plans.


Who knew Emeril was a prepper?


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