Monday, December 26, 2011

Practical Prepping - A Common Sense Guide for Preppers - Part One - An Introduction to Prepping

Being prepared usually requires more common sense and time than it does money. There are many ways to incorporate prepping into your daily life-style that cost very little but will put you way ahead of the average person. Simple goals are often the easiest to accomplish and will have more benefit for you and your family on an immediate basis.

Focusing on the details, while keeping an eye on the big picture, is not the easiest of tasks. It helps to view it as a jig-saw puzzle whose pieces merely need to be put in place. Being prepared is a goal that will be easier to accomplish if it is broken down into smaller goals.

Prepping also requires a certain amount of organization to be practical. We all experience a certain amount of disorder in our lives. This is often a result of our own doing as well as unexpected circumstances. We have other things that require our immediate attention and these things can often lead us in a different direction than planned originally. Smaller goals will be easier to achieve if we find ourselves getting off the path to preparedness.

One of the easiest and most basic ways to get started in your prepping is to follow the Rule of Three’s.



3 seconds: The amount of time you normally have to respond to any threat.


3 minutes: The amount of time to obtain breathable air.


3 hours: The amount of time before you will need some form of shelter.


3 days: The amount of time you will have to find safe drinking water.


3weeks: The amount of time to find safe and edible food.


3 months: The amount of time before you will need contact with other people.

Using the Rule of Threes, you can now establish your short term goals and get started with your prepping. Most people have limited resources that will affect their level of preparation. Start by examining your current resources in each of these critical areas and organize your efforts accordingly. Look for areas in your current resources that may be lacking and work to improve their status in your preparations. Many of the resources that will be required may already exist. They merely need to be organized in a manner so that they will be readily available when needed.

Time is another important consideration when being prepared. While being prepared for the long term is admirable, it is usually impractical and difficult to achieve for the average person who is focused on being prepared. Focus on being prepared for the short term and slowly increase your levels of preparedness. Eventually, you will reach your long term goals.

Plan to get prepared by being more organized, utilizing more of your current resources and managing your time more efficiently to reach your preparedness goals. If you incorporate preparedness into your everyday lifestyle and make it a part of your daily routine, being prepared is a lot easier to accomplish.



LuciferWar said...

I had never heard of the rule of threes before today. Excellent. I like such things as easy to remember rules and guidlines. I will remember the rule of threes. Another effective post Rvrwlkr. Bravo.

riverwalker said...

To: Joel the K

Thanks Joel.

My plan is do a series of posts on the practical aspects of being prepared based on the Rule of Threes. Hopefully, it will help someone become better prepared as a result.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Marine Veteran of 10 years and looking for work so I can prepair my family ( wife and daughter) + 2 dogs for the day of all days. If anyone is willing to invest in me to work for them and in result have me as a team member for prepping, I'm al in.
Best regards,
Ssgt Podesta

Riverwalker said...

To: Ssgt Podesta

Email me and I will see what we can do help you out. Always willing to support a veteran.



Anonymous said...

I'm new to the prepping scene. I've only read on the subject and have been doing research on what's the best way to start prepping now that I consider it essential. My question is; why don't preppers focus on physical health. No matter what emergency/catastrophe you are preppering for being physically fit will give you a huge advantage yet all the reading I've done never mentions staying in good( preferably great) physical shape. Why is that?

Riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 10:33

You're right about being physically prepared by staying in good shape. I've covered this issue some but not often enough or in great detail. this may be an area that we should all focus on even more.

Thanks anon.


Alan said...

You got to learn to walk before you run. I throughly enjoyed thus article, only wished I had read this sooner.