Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheap Bug-out Locations in Texas

Need a temporary bug-out location that's easy on the budget. Get a Texas State Parks Pass for you and your family and it's good at over 90 locations in the state of Texas. If you have to bug-out for a while due to whatever (storm, flood, or just to get away) a Texas State Parks Pass is a great way to do it on a budget and have a large variety in your choice of destinations. Mine only costs $60 and it's good for a whole year. I have a lot of places I can go for only $5 a month!

You can get information about a Texas State Parks Pass here:



Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, does anyone have a friend in the Texas real estate world who might be interested (now that they have a little time on their hands from NOT selling houses!) in scoping out acreage with good retreat potential (using criteria of JWR at SurvivalBlog.com)? Seems to me that that would be a great source-of-income sideline AND a service to lots of people who do not have the time to search for themselves. Rawles recommends only 3 counties in Texas in his book about retreats, but acknowledges that his travels here have not been extensive. I would also think that his choices would be those that fulfill military tactical defense, armed-to-the-teeth, grid-down, total-collapse,TEOTWAWKI scenario needs. Mine is more of the 2-or-3-acre, safe-place-to-cache-your-stuff-but-with-upgrade-potential kind of need; this to say that there has to be a huge range of specifications in between that a savvy real estate agent could use to work up a check-list for and post on Texas prep/survivalists' websites. I, for instance, am having a hard time even trying to decide on what I want versus what I can afford versus what is practical for my husband and me (60+ year-olds)in terms of health problems, etc. Hey, maybe I'll work on making that check-list myself and send it on, but for now, maybe anybody reading this can put a bug in their R.E. agent/friend/relative's ear and encourage them to start thinking about this as a money-making opportunity. I know I'd pay to get a short list of properties to check out that meet at least some of my specific requirements, rather than running about to places that turn out to meet NONE of them, especially with the price of gas lately, not to mention time constraints. (P.S.---Get them to start reading Rawles' blog and looking at the sudden proliferation of preparedness/survivalist websites, in case you need to convince them that there's a market out there!)

Thanks; in my search of the aforementioned websites, I have enjoyed reading this one and hope to see it expand.---Mrs. Jilby

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

That's a great idea there Mrs. J.!
So why don't I put it out there and see what kind of response we get. It never hurts to try.

Keep an eye out for the article!



Mayberry said...

Sounds like a winner Mrs. Jilby, and thanks for the nice words about the blog. RW deserves it.

NSIHKTKFI2012 said...

Has anyone had any luck with this yet? Found a real estate agent willing to search for bug out retreat real estate? I would be very interested. If so, can someone post the link?

Anonymous said...

Survivalretreatconsulting.com does retreat Real Estate scouting all over the US check them out they are highly recommended by JWR survivalblog.com