Monday, September 8, 2008

Ike Aims For Texas

Well, we're fully in the "cone" now for Ike's US landfall.

He still has a ways to go, and things can change as we well know. But now is the time to check and recheck your preps, check on your evacuation routes, establish your possible bug out locations, and basically make sure everything is in order. Fill your gas tanks, water containers, and check your tires, belts, hoses, etc. on your car.

Ike has some nice warm water to cover before his arrival, so he'll spin right back up after he clears Cuba. I suspect the catagory 3 forcast shown in the above map is a bit optimistic. Catagory 4 is my bet. Dolly cooled the Gulf a bit, but it's still pretty warm, about the same temperature as where Ike was a catagory 4 just a few days ago. Couple that with little to no wind shear and you've got perfect conditions for a lot of strengthening. Keep an eye on this bugger, and be aware, be informed, be prepared!


Staying Alive said...

Looks like it could be a real bitch. Prepare to bug out. Ain't no sense in trying to tough it out against a cat. 4 or 5 hurricane.


Pickdog said...

Yup - good advice Mayberry. I guess my wish is going to come true but as my great grandmama used to say, "be careful what ya wish for" :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, keeping our eyes peeled as well. Dolly debris still clogging alleys down here (weeds growing in tree limbs are above head high now - getting so thick, a dog has to back up to bark!) - so a hurricane would not be welcome here. Cat 3 - 4 would blow quite a bit of our structures down here.

Recent rains have most, if not all retention ponds and canals pretty much full. Ground is saturated - a hurricane would just flood big time down here.

You folks up there watch yer six - we'll do the same. Thanks for the post Mayberry - its in God's hands now.


Jennersen said...

Galveston was evacuated tonight. We are thinking Houston will evacuate in the morning. Toll roads are free. I-10 looks kinda like rush hour. Mayberry dodges the bullet. I will end up with a power disruption. Anyway, I will be updating on my blog.