Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome - American Preppers Network

A big Texas welcome is in order for American Preppers Network. Tom has taken the networking efforts of preppers everywhere to new levels. Help support the efforts of those states that now have prepper networks. Hopefully everyone can be better prepared. Congratulations to all those states which now have a preppers network. This is a very good thing!

Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.



Mayberry said...

Wow! RW, you've started a revolution.... Can't wait to see all those states jump in with both feet. The sooner the better!

Pickdog said...

Yup, RW you did good, real good. Nice to see us Texans lead by example.

Marie said...

Hats off and a standing O to you, sir--you started it all. Let's hope more and more people get prepared as a result of the American Preppers Network--it went up quickly, and I hope everyone starts/continues to prepare just as quickly!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Greetings! Just visited Bullseye over @ KPN, and came here via Mayberry's KISS; I've followed these men's blogs for some time. I do a minuscule one too, but don't cover prep topics as often as I could.
Anyhow, any way I can be of assistance... let me know. I live in Houston currently but am gearing for a move to some small acreage in Mo.
In short, I'm at your service, if anything I can do can be considered helpful...

Riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

Your help in getting it started is most appreciated.Thanks.


Riverwalker said...

To: pickdog

Your very timely contributions have helped immensely. Keep us up to date on any relevant financial info. Thanks.


Riverwalker said...

To: Marie

You are too gracious in your comments. We all do our part and we will all be better prepared as a result. Thanks.


Riverwalker said...

To: Cygnus MacLyr

Thanks for the great offer to help! If you come across anything you think might be of value to preppers out there, just drop me an e-mail and let me know. It's difficult to stay on top of everything. Things move pretty fast these days. Thanks.