Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gov't considers anyone who believes that Liberty is the way a Terrorist - updated link

From a fellow Patriot:

I thought you ought to know that law enforcement considers you Ron Paul supporters part of the evil anti-government militia movement.

See it for yourself here:

Be sure to see the 5th page of the report, and the disclaimer at the end.

It's total hogwash, most of it. I know, because I got labeled a "militia leader" by Roll Call magazine back in 1996 for doing nothing more than organizing gun owners for political action at election time (i.e., walking door to door for a Congressman).

In a sense, it's true, since by federal law, and the common law, the 'militia' is defined as every adult abled bodied male. We're all the militia.

I find the list of infiltrated militias in the report that were prosecuted for "plots" and conspiracy interesting, considering this report from Sean Hannity that says the government just "can't touch" known training camps in the US where muslim extremists train themselves for war on the rest of us. See it for yourself here:

Pickdog comment: We are recruiting for the militia in Hays County :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Shiloh,
The link is locked out. Requires some squirrelly user id and password now. Could this be....?

Anonymous said...

Looks like video got pulled too.

SciFiChick said...

The second link worked for me....and it is quite disturbing to say the very least.

Staying Alive said...

Big John says they will push until we fire back. But it might be a little difficult to get me to stop firing!


American Prepper said...

Government wants the terrorists to succeed...That's why they keep pushing their buttons, then when the muslim extremists launch an attack on us, we will fight back and then government will have a so called "legitimate" reason to declare martial law for our own "safety"....These guys are Brilliant...But then again so were Hitler and Stalin.

Pickdog said...

This has caused our militia to grow in numbers.

When Gov't deems people who love liberty as terrorists, it surely must back fire at some point. Going to be hard to demonize us soon. As we will be your doctor, lawyer, friends, church brethren etc.

So don't fire just yet.

God Bless and keep your powder dry folks!