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This is our calling now!

The Remnant

March 5, 2009 - After months of hoping things would get better and they hadn’t he broke down and went to the doctor. The doctor sent him to the lab for some test and told him to return home and wait for his call on Thursday with the results. Thursday finally arrived, and feeling worse, he anxiously awaited the call from his doctors office. Midday the call came and the news was not good. He was informed he had cancer. A bolt of fear jolted through his body upon hearing this report. A report which did not want to be heard. But it could not be denied. Reality was staring directly at him. Finally being able to muster up enough strength to speak, he asked that all important next question, the one that would mark his fate. “Doc,” he said and then continuing as his voice trembled, “has it gotten into the lymph nodes yet?” He knew that once cancer reaches the lymph system it is beyond cure and the time before final death was short. After a silence which seemed an eternity, the doctor finally spoke, and informed him that there wasn’t any doubt, the cancer had spread throughout his entire body and he went on to suggest that he begin putting his things in order without delay.
Nations are much like people. They are given birth, they grow and develop, and eventually they die. Between a nations birth and death, as with people, a nation can be in various stages of health. Nations, as people can become sick and some diseases can be terminal. So it has been with the once great America. It was given its birth by a remnant from Europe. It struggled and it grew in stature eventually until it was a light upon the hilltop giving the hope for freedom and liberty to all other nations of the world. Then it was attacked from outside by a virus. The virus of socialism. It progressed slowly at first as it began to weave its self through every fabric of American society. It went unnoticed by many. Others who did take note of the infestation, said it is such a small thing, that it is of no real concern, we can ignore it for now. As time progressed the cancer of socialism eventually wove its self through every bit of infrastructure within the nation. The lymph nodes of the nation finally became infiltrated, and just as with us when this happens, so to America. America became a terminal case in which there is no cure.
America is totally bankrupt! No honest knowledgeable economist would tell you otherwise. The cancer of the fractional reserve monetary policy has long ago infiltrated the lymph nodes of our banking system. All the talk of recovery … all the stimulus packages … all the bail outs in the world will not revive it. The patient is terminally ill. It has already died. All these other things are but illusions given to the gullible public to make them think things aren’t as bad as they really are. This buys the controllers a bit more time to put even more things in place, to insure their absolute control in the aftermath of public discovery. The same thing has been going on with America. America, as with its economy, is terminally ill and if it isn’t dead already, its fate has been sealed. There is no saving the once great America. All the window dressing being thrown out about saving America, taking it back, and a host of plans to accomplish these goals given to the gullible public are no different than the phony bail outs of the phony banking system. They are all propaganda whose purpose is to give the public a hope they haven’t lost their country. A hope that things can be turned around. A false sense of security that things are not as bad as may seem to be. But, the reality before us, for those with eyes to see, is that America that once great nation is dead. Do you understand? The America that was has died! Oh, they may continue to call the land mass it once occupied America, but that is done only to deceive you. They, the controllers, know the people associate the word America with freedom and a constitution with the rights of the people and they want the public to live under that illusion as long as possible. But calling something by a certain word, say America doesn’t imply anything, it’s just a word. If you are having a hard time with this concept, consider an example many of us can relate to. Washington Mutual went under. Chase took it over. Even though all the Washington Mutual banks are now Chase banks, they don’t change the names on the banks that the public see. That’s done to deceive you. To give you a false sense of security that all is well and nothing has changed. Washington Mutual does not exist any longer, it’s dead. It’s a big psychological warfare game aimed to deceive you into believing in their false reality. That’s what has been done with the words America and United States. They still use those words to refer to it, but it’s just as dead as Washington Mutual.
Imagine taking a group of children on a field trip. Their destination is a toy store. The biggest and best stocked toy store in the entire world. Once there, they are set loose and told they can have anything in it they want, all they have to do is find the things they want and load them onto the bus to take with them when its time to leave. What do you think would happen? The bus will be loaded up with every imaginable toy under the sun. The children will take them home and play with them for a short time until they tire of them. Then they will demand that they have another such field trip so they can repeat the experience again with yet another batch of different toys. This is the very thing that happened to the late great America. The very same thing.
The point in time when the cancer that was infecting America began to make its way into the nations lymph system, which would render it terminal, began two generations ago, shortly after world war two. Then it accelerated beyond imagination with the baby boomer generation of the fifty’s and sixty’s. The generations prior, worked their fingers to the bone and many sacrificed their lives to make the American dream they envisioned a reality. Their blood, sweat, and many tears, transformed the once wilderness wonderland which was fit only for the buffalo and beaver into a mighty nation of likeminded people and its industrial output, productivity, and principles of a free people and representative form of government became reality. All these things carried a high price tag by our forefathers who strove to give us who live in these days a priceless inheritance. The cancer cells were around back in those early days. But the nation was strong and healthy. It had a strong immune system, which was a watchful and diligent populace, and it was never allowed to gain a foot hold. Then we came along. That is, those of us of the last two generations and climaxing with the baby boomer generation. We were like those children taken to the toy store field trip. We were birthed and when we opened our eyes we saw riches and opportunity all around us. We had social security, unemployment insurance, food stamps, welfare, easy credit and on and on. Everywhere we looked were toys for our taking and that is exactly what we did, we raped the nation for all we could get to satisfy our bottomless pit of greed. We became generations of leaches living off the benefits inherited from all those who came before us who worked so hard to make all these things possible. In our childlike toy store euphoria, we let our guard down. We stopped diligently watching what was going on around us, especially what our elected representatives were doing at all levels of government. Through our lust for the easy life, and living off the hard work of all previous generations, we became a lazy people who cared for nothing more than where our next pleasure … our next entertainment would come from. This is the most significant factor which allowed the cancer to reach the nations lymph nodes and totally destroy the once great America. You may still be living in the toy store and not see reality for what it is, but America, the America our forefathers fought and died to leave us for an inheritance, that America has died, it’s dead, it is gone. But, for those few who truly cherished the once great America and the principles it stood for there is hope for the future, all is not lost.
Things do not happen by chance. There is a purpose behind the creation and everything flows toward that purpose. We see things happen around us and call it chance or an random event only because our limitations do not permit us to see the grand purpose behind them. You, me, each of us who love and cherish freedom and the divine principles on which the once great America was founded upon, were not born into this place or time in history by accident. Rather by design. Our being here at this time and in this place was to serve a purpose in the overall plan which everything is flowing toward. The One behind this creation has promised that a remnant would always be provided. Recorded history has demonstrated that this promise by the Creator has always been kept and we have no reason to question it.
You, who cherish freedom and those divine principles upon which the late America was founded upon were born in the time and place for a reason. It was to give you a first hand taste of these rare gifts and to come to treasure and value them above all other things of the world. You were born when and where you were so these noble divine principles would be embedded deep within your heart of hearts to never be lost. You see friend, you were born in this place and time because you are part of the vast noble and divine plan. You were destined to be one of the Creator’s remnant. You friend were destined to be one of the chosen ones. Don’t waste your time in trying to save the America you once knew. That America is dead and we have not been given the power to resurrect the dead. The job at hand now, for the remnant, is to keep the idea of freedom and a republican form of government as laid out in the divinely inspired American construction alive in the hearts of men. The cancerous forces who killed America will try to erase these ideas and principles from the pages of history and from the minds of men. It is the duty of the remnant to insure this does not happen. While there is breath of life remaining within us, it is our duty now to teach and pass on to all the younger generations about what freedom and the divine principles in the constitution were and to make these principles as real to them as they were to us. These ideas must not die! We must pass this torch off to the generations who will follow us. It is up to the remnant, you and I to do this and not assume others will take care of it. It is written, ‘Fathers bring up your children in the ways of the Lord.’ We must begin teaching our children these things as early as possible to counteract the cancer of socialism they will be engulfed in as they grow up and mature. Finally, it is important that each one of the remnant look honestly and critically at themselves and see their weaknesses and how they aided in the downfall of America and teach those lessons to their young ones so they can avoid them when it comes their time to plant the seeds of freedom again in some future cycle in history.
There will come another opportunity in the passage of time, when the conditions of the soil will be again ripe for the seeds of freedom and the principles of our divinely inspired constitution to take root. Someday in history the great experiment in freedom will be given another chance and the seeds will be present for its sprouting because the remnant alive today, preserved those seeds within the hearts of future generations. Let each one of us pray that when the great experiment in freedom takes root again that those people will cherish it more than we did, and that they will have learned from our mistakes, and have the wisdom not to take such a valuable gift as this for granted and loose it.

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~ The Author ~Lawrence Lee Miller resides in California and is a daily listener and participant in Jeffrey Bennett’s internet broadcast, Perspectives on America
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