Friday, April 3, 2009

Recent Republic Magazine

Wow... The response has been great for the new issue (#14).
Here's your digital copy in both our interactive format and
in downloadable PDF.

Don't forget that you can zoom in on the interactive version by
clicking on the page.

The 2nd Amendment is our last line of defense against a
government that is out of control, please spread this magazine
and it's message FAR and WIDE!

Interactive Version:

PDF Download

I KNOW... no one like to be sold something, but I have to say it..
Since we are totally supported by orders of activist copies and
subscriptions, please consider getting copies to give or encourage
others to subscribe to Republic.

Activist Copies:

I don't always say it but, know that I AM PROUD to stand beside
you on the front lines in this hour to restore freedom and
prosperity to this nation.

Although the majority of the sleeping masses are uninterested in
securing their liberty, the children, grandchildren and great-
grandchildren of these souls of whom you may never meet, will one
day look upon you with admiration for being among the second wave
of American Patriots and appreciate your sacrifice.

This is what keeps me going... "Duty, Honor and Country" does not
only apply to paid servicemen/women but to every American of the
Constitutional Militia.

United We Stand,

P.S. I almost forgot to mention, we now have our own patriot
TV station online with f.r.e.e on demand, full-length films:


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