Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Your Network!

I would like to remind all the preppers in Texas that this is your network. If you have ideas or information you would like to share with other preppers in the state, just e-mail your ideas or information to Pickdog, Mayberry, or myself and we will do our best to get it posted for the benefit of everyone. It's your network!

The Texas Prepper's Network is a commercial free environment for the free exchange of ideas and important information as it may relate to preppers in our great state. With the support of the preppers in Texas, hopefully TPN can continue to be a force for all preppers in Texas to be better prepared. You may know of a good link for food storage information or disaster preparedness information you would like to share. All you have to do is let us know about it. Pickdog and Mayberry have done an excellent job of posting information for preppers at TPN and I want to express my thanks to them. I also post a lot of different information on Stealth Survival for everyone but is done randomly as to what I happen to be thinking that day. let us know what you are thinking or are concerned with because TPN is for you and the ideas and information you think is important.

I visited Galveston recently and will be posting an update on Galveston after Hurricane Ike for everyone.

Special Note: Thanks go out to DP for a most generous contribution to Texas Preppers Network. It is the support of preppers in Texas that help us to keep everyone better prepared. Thanks D.
Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Remember, it's your network! Send usyour ideas and information. Thanks. RW


Anonymous said...

I thunk I was part of Texas Preppers. Must have missed the signup somewhere. My bad. Any of my articles that are useful may be used.

Kymber said...

even though i am a Canadian stuck up in the 'ol North - the TPN is still one of my favourite sites on the network and i hope that it stays around for a long, long time!

riverwalker said...

To: YeOldFurt

You are most assuredly counted amongst the members. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: Kymber

You are always welcome. TPN should be around for as long as it is needed. Thanks.


Mayberry said...

Gawrsh, RW, Thankee much!

riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

You're welcome! Thanks should be going out to you and other members for their contributions.