Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New issue of Republic

Last night I uploaded the new issue of Republic to the website.

I know I keep saying this but, this is by far... our best issue!

Ineractive Flipbook Edition

Digital PDF Edition:

Sound the message far and wide!

Also, we are not yet to our goal and we need everyone on board for the Sponsor A Patriot program Action.

There are 8,000+ people that are getting the digital edition of Republic and we've had only 441 donors TOTAL. We need everyone to pitch in on this one.

Please, if you have not yet donated, go to: and donate as much as you can.

I know that times are tough, but they will be a lot tougher if we loose our freedom. We need your support!

You can call in a donation or mail it in:
(866)437-6570 Call in Donations and magazine orders here.

Mail donations to:

Republic Magazine
Sponsor A Patriot
Boynton Beach, FL 33425

Order Magazines Online:

Thank you in Advance for you help!

George Shepherd

P.S. If you enjoy what we do and use our resources, then you should really help support this Action because it makes the magazines, webinars, videos and conference calls possible!


matthiasj said...

That is a great magazine.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Pickdog said...

yeah I like it a lot.