Friday, July 17, 2009

Another reason to love Texas

How many Governors would be seen like this? Our Governor Rick Perry at Red's shooting range in Austin with a suppressed Beretta CX4Storm. Now this is a politician I can relate to!


Red said...

As I've said before, the minute Texas secedes, our car bumper will be racing over the Texas/Lousiana line before the ink can dry. God Bless Texas!

Kymber said...

hey - my thought is - does anyone need another reason to love Texas??? there are already soooo many reasons to love Texas!!!

shiloh1862 said...

Yup God Bless Texas!

Come on down Red.

We really do need to leave the Union. Along with about 25-30 other states!!!



riverwalker said...

The only photo I like better than this one of Governor Perry is the one where I'm in the picture with him.


Anonymous said...

I guess you haven't seen the pic of Gov. Palin with an AR? Or Moose hunting?

Plus, she is a damn site better looking than Rick!


Anonymous said...

Better looking than Rick... NOT POSSIBLE!!!