Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Texas Hurricane Season Preparedness 2009

People living along the texas Gulf Coast should begin their preparedness for the hurricane season of 2009. You should have an evacuation plan ready, prepare an emergency kit in advance and learn the evacuation routes for your area.

Gulf Coast residents who have specialized health care needs, including those who are disabled or have other limiting medical problems can register in advance with the State of Texas for special assistance by calling 2-1-1. This must be done in advance of any storm that happens to pop up in the Gulf. The State will make special arrangements when you register to make sure you have the proper medical care available to you in case of an evacuation. If you don't have family or friends that can assist you in being able to meet special medical care needs, the State will provide the necessary assitance for you. You must register in advance of any storm to get this benefit!

Similar assistance is also available for those who lack the necessary transportation to evacuate in the case of a hurricane, you only need to dial 2-1-1 in advance and register for emergency transportation.

You can also dial 2-1-1 and get evacuation zone information for your area of the state.

For more information about these emergency services you can visit the Governor's Division of Emergency Management website:

Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.



shiloh1862 said...

A fine and very timely post. Sadly, I hope and pray for a big one to hiy us here in Central Texas to break this damn drought.


The Hermit said...

Maybe this will be a slow year for hurricanes. No sign of any of them forming up yet.

Mayberry said...

El Nino seems to have formed up again, which accounts for the hot, dry weather we've had, and which should keep the hurricanes at bay. But if not, my motorhome is nearly roadworthy. Should a storm hit before I get it done, there's always the escape pod!