Saturday, July 18, 2009

Austin Gun Show

I went to the show today.


There were some reloading supplies but the price was excessive. Large Rifle Primers were $55.00/1000;

.45A ACP and .308 ammo were available but pricey. .45 was $25-27 for 50 230 g FMJ;

.223 was very plentiful. Price were higher.

Did see Black Talon .308 tactical ammo that I'd not seen in a few years ($65 for 20).

Did not see any .380;

A decent assortment of scary black rifles were avaiable;

If you were looking for an M1 Garand, they were plentiful;

AKs were somewhat limited and were running between $550 and 650;

AR Mags were plentiful and about $12-15 for used GI;

Not one M1A1 was seen :( .

All in all, I was surprised at the prices of reloading supplies. Though last time I went, there almost nothing. Also, wished I was in the market for another battle rifle - there were a few that intrigued me.


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