Monday, August 18, 2008

Companion Gardening

Many new gardeners experience a number of problems when they first attempt a garden on their own. They suffer a myriad of problems that may not be their fault. It’s sometimes as simple as planting the right combination of vegetables in the right place. This is known as companion gardening. Many people are aware of the “Three Sisters” technique when planting a garden. Fortunately for gardeners there are a number of other combinations that will help you grow a better and healthier garden without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Organic gardeners frequently use these techniques.

Some combinations will help to eliminate pests from your garden plants or attract beneficial insects to help it grow better. Some combinations will help to enhance the growth and flavor of your produce.

Other combinations can have detrimental effects on your garden as well and need to be avoided. A prime example of this is the combination of dill and carrots. When planted in close proximity to each other dill will stunt the growth of your carrots and cause a significant reduction in your yield.

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Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.


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