Monday, August 11, 2008

Texas Prepper's Network - The Purpose of the Network

The main purpose of the Texas Prepper's Network is to help fellow Texans be better prepared.

It doesn't matter if you only seek knowledge that will help you be better prepared or desire to pass on information to other Texans to help them be better prepared. The choice is entirely yours. Although we encourage your participation, we realize that with everyday demands on a person's time that this is not always possible. Being aware of local events that can affect our everyday lives, being informed about these events, and taking the necessary steps to be prepared for these events can be of benefit everyone.

Texas is a big state. The ability for someone to be knowledgeable of local events in all areas of the state would be a truly immense task. It is hoped that a state-wide network will make this a more manageable task.

Eventually we hope to have members in all regions of this great state of ours. Hopefully, people will be able to get localized information in any part of the state that they may be located in, plan to be located, or may only be traveling through a particular area of the state, whether their travel be business or pleasure.

Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.


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