Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preppin' Tip - Alternate Use for Nails & Spikes

Some tips from down here - those big a$$ nails (60d - 6"+ length) are well worth carrying in the field.

I've used them as fire irons, using them to support a small cup of water for cup-of-soup.

Driven into ground, they allow a small skillet to be supported over the fire.

Driven lengthwise through the long end of a potato, they cook the inside of a potato more efficiently when cooking over a fire, heating inside and outside simultaneously. No more raw interior / roasted exterior. They make even larger 8" - 9" as well, but all I've seen are galvanized - believe they are classified as spikes.

Here’s a good link to them, as well as working weight usage.

Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.

J.R. Guerra in south TX.

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Mayberry said...

Good tips J.R. I'm gonna try that tater thing this weekend.