Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Howdy Texans,

I sure hope you all will be happy with the new Texas Prepper's Network. It looks like it could be a going thing.

I just hope you all decide to do something in groups. There are just entirely too many of you to have anyone wandering around looking for a home. By this time next year I hope some of you will have purchased land for a retreat and have it going. You want water and natural protection and some tillable land for a garden. What ever you have when you buy the land, you will not have to have installed later on. Get out of the towns and cities and away from the maddening crowd. You probably have some time yet, so use it wisely and make good decisions.

But get settled into being on the TPN. This is the first statewide network in the country and it can be an example for others to consider. Learn to coordinate your news. Learn to check prices and stuff like that. You might even be able to maximize your spending power if you buy as a group. Buying wholesale is a nice thing.

I figure that if just a hundred of you got together and contributed $10 a week, by the time the end of October was here you would have $10,000 and be well on your way to getting some dirt to call your retreat. And if you don't have the money for the whole piece of the dirt, then get a contract for the agreed upon price and have it held until you can get it the full amount. You are wanting a deed here, not a mortgage. You want as much protection as possible to keep the land from being taken away. I have more to say about how to keep the land for the whole group but it is not time for that right now.

So get accustomed to your new organization and to each other. The Network is a stepping stone toward true survivalism. Make every step count. And keep going! You're ahead of the crowd!



Mayberry said...

Hey Michael! Glad to see you posting here. Take heed folks, this man knows what he's talkin' about. And that's a damn good idea about pooling funds for a retreat!

jimmy and linda said...

A retreat sounds like a great idea. Count me in.

riverwalker said...

Excellent post Michael! Thanks.