Wednesday, August 13, 2008

El Cheapo Compost Bin

This idea comes to us from Rook of the Foraging Prepper blog. Thanks Rook! Here is his description of a low buck compost bin, with pictures:

Ok, you will need to get 4 pallets to make your compost bin. I made my bin for under $5 bucks. Go to depot and get some 4 sturdy L brackets, 2 Strap hinges, a latch system and gate handle for the door.

This is a great addition to any prepper's garden, and as you can see, it can be built for just a few bucks. From the photo, it looks like there's some chicken wire in there as well. That'll add a few more dollars to the project, but it can still be built for under 10 bucks. Pallets can be had for free from most grocery stores, or your friendly neighborhood China Mart....


Anonymous said...

Heck, you don't even need to have a door - just three pallets and the L-brackets.

Anonymous said...

I got used/beatup T-posts at the dump and pound them in at the corners and put the skids over to hold them up. The L brackets screws will come loose from moisture and weight.

The chicken wire is a good idea and if you are bothered with raccoons another skid over the top will help keep them out or slow them down.(LOL)

SMO said...

I've been using a portable compost bin, made from one of those blue plastic tubs that 16% protein feed for cows comes in. I drilled 1" holes all around it and in the bottom, then popped on a lid from a plastic garbage bin. All the kitchen vegetable scraps go in it, and I roll it around every few days to mix it all up. Seems to be working well.

Riverwalker said...

To: anonymous # 1

Good idea you have there - doing more with less! That's great!

To: anonymous # 2

T-posts are an excellent upgrade!

To: smo

Those little blue tubs are evrywnere. Good use for them.

Thanks for the great comments everyone!