Monday, August 11, 2008

TPN, Our Mission:

Mayberry here! First off, I'd like to give RW a big thank you for getting this ball rolling. I think this network is a really great idea, and that it will go on to big things.... On that note, I'd like to put out what exactly it is we're doing here, and what exactly we're looking for.

Our mission is to put together a network of Texas preppers from across the state. From this network, we hope to gather and present local/ regional news and information that all Texans, and preppers in general need to know. Plus, we'd like any prepping tips, ideas, and information you'd like to share as well. Many of us don't have time to put up a blog of our own, but maybe y'all have something you'd like to share. Well this is the place to do it!

The first thing we need is members! Hey, that's what a network is all about, right? To sign up for membership, contact Riverwalker via the e-mail link on the right hand side of the blog. Of course, your personal information will be kept absolutely confidential. Once approved, new members will be given posting privileges, and will be free to post pertinent information from their local area. Things like road hazards or closures, shortages of items (food, batteries, etc...), storm or weather alerts, localized crime surges, zombie biker attacks (ha ha, just had to throw that one in there), or any other survival/ disaster information you might want to throw out there. Also, you could request information or submit your own survival tips and ideas. Essentially, this is an information network by and for Texas preppers/ survivalists, but all preppers are welcome!

What we are not looking for here are editorials, rants, or op-ed pieces (I know, I know.... I'll behave myself, I promise!). We just want local/ regional news and information from the folks who live there. I think most folks are just a bit distrustful of the media nowadays, seeing as how they tend to over-sensationalize, and/ or omit important facts and information. This network will help fill that void. After all, your best news source is the folks who live in an area, and see things first hand.

So join the network! Bring us your news and information, prepping/ survival tips, tricks, and toys, prep food recipes, or what have you! And as RW says; Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.

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