Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TPN- New Member - JR in the Valley

The Texas Prepper's Network would like to welcome JR in the Valley to the network. JR will be keeping us up to date on things down in the Rio Grande Valley area and looks forward to sharing ideas and information with everyone. Welcome aboard!




Riverwalker said...

Welcome to the network JR.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sir - honored to be included in this group. Texas is so large, networking this state is like networking a nation.

Well, local news is mainly border related. Lotsa drug cartel business going on across the border.

Mexico government is blaming US (Texas mainly) for supplying arms to cartels. Our region is very popular with NAFTA boosters, so what affects them affects our economy. I've seen som e really dumb decisions / comments made for the sake of dollars - man, it gets frustrating sometimes.


This a link to our local news - hope you can copy and read local headlines for yourself. Just a window into what goes on around here.

Hey, how about that alligator story in the Rio Grande, - can you believe the Mexican side has wardens riding river at night to capture it? Surprised PETA isn't screaming animal abuse (alligators are protected animals in U.S., are they not?). Couldn't be because the gator might be slowing down illegal immigrants from swimming across - nah, couldn't be.

Went to SPI (South Padre Island) this past weekend, still some cleaning up and construction work doings. Many businesses with blue tarps on their roofs, and construction vans / trailers are very common. Fire wood collection was very easy for about a week or two - gathered about half a cord in our yard alone.

Thats about it from here.

j.r. guerra

Mayberry said...

Howdy JR, and welcome.