Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bastrop Fire Victims - Helping Those in Need

Texas finally got enough rain last weekend to help firefighters control some of the wildfires in Texas. This includes the devastating and very destructive wildfire in the Bastrop area that has been burning for several weeks. As of Monday, the Bastrop fire was approximately 95 percent under control according to officials with the Texas Forest Service. The Bastrop fires began Labor Day weekend approximately 30 miles east of Austin, Texas and has since burned more than 34,000 acres and destroyed more than 1500 homes in the area. While recent rains have helped somewhat, ninety-five percent of Texas is still in the grip of an extreme drought.

The Texas Preppers Network along with the American Preppers Network is currently making a donation of $100 each to two families that have lost their homes due to the fires in the Bastrop area. I wish to express my thanks to everyone at the American Preppers Network for their help and efforts. Hopefully, as more funds become available, the Texas Preppers Network can make more funds available to help with the relief efforts in the Bastrop area for the families who have become victims of this devastating wildfire.

My thanks to all of those who have made a donation to the Texas Preppers Network.

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