Friday, March 22, 2013

RW Attends the Ready, Set, Prep Summit in Irving, Texas

I recently had a chance to attend The Ready, Set, Prep Summit in Irving, Texas on March 20-21, 2013 which was hosted by Food Insurance™. I had a chance to network with a number of people in the preparedness community from around the country. I also had the chance to network with and meet a number of people whom I knew only by their online presence.  It was a very informative preparedness summit.

Here’s the list of attendees at the Summit:

There were a number of very informative speakers with several new ideas for being prepared that I will cover in later posts on TPN or on my main site at Stealth Survival. You may want to check out the sites of the others in attendance. They all have valuable information that will help you be better prepared.

The Summit ended with an appearance by the attendees on the Glen Beck Show as part of his live studio audience. I also like to give a big Texas thanks to our host Food Insurance™.

Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.