Friday, April 27, 2012

Special Thank You to JC and Our Supporters

The Texas Preppers Network would like to say thank you to our supporters. With the continuing support of our members, it is my hope that we can continue our efforts to help everyone become better prepared for all those bumps in the road that seem to pop up now and then as we journey through life.

Thanks go out to the American Preppers Network and their continued support of the Texas Preppers Network. Please take time to check out our forum which is also sponsored by APN.

Special thanks to Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness for being a guest contributor and their continued support of preppers everywhere. Thanks Someone You Know!

Special thanks also go out to JC for his recent and very generous donation to TPN. Thanks JC!

Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.



Anonymous said...

why is common scence stocking of supplies now called prepping? we used to have enough food in the house to last several months and guns were a given. now doing the same thing is prepping? i guess i'm a prepper from way back then.

Anonymous said...

I echo RW's sentiments.